John Sarsfield

International University Recruiter

John Sarsfield is a Canada-based educator who assists students applying to Cardiff University Law School and other major UK universities. He also helps people gain their Pleasure Craft Operator's Certificate (PCOC).

Cardiff University Law School

Cardiff University Law School is a large, well resourced centre of excellence which plays a full role in serving the University in its mission as one of the UK's leading research institutions. The School's international reputation is reflected in the number of distinguished academics visiting from all over the world, a number of leading law journals based and edited in the School and it being the home of a range of highly regarded research centres such as BRASS and the Centre for Law & Religion. Read more »

Applying to United Kingdom Universities

Students wishing to obtain an education in a United Kingdom university face a complex task of finding a university, finding appropriate courses, and writing the all-important ìpersonal statementî for university entrance. Mr. Sarsfield will provide expert help in these areas, as well as negotiating some of the less obvious pitfalls of the application process. Read more »

The Pleasure Craft Operatorís Certificate

As of September 15, 2009, with a few minor exceptions, it is illegal to operate a powered pleasure craft in Canada without a PCOC, or its equivalent. Mr. Sarsfield is a licensed course provider, who can also test and authorize licensing. All participants are guaranteed a successful outcome to the course and testing. (Groups of 10 or more). Read more »

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